The Doom Family

Bella WHO

Bella is my sister, my best friend and the best colleague you can imagine. Without her I would not be where I am now. She also helps me whenever she can! Together we are an unbeatable team!

My darling, THANK YOU for everything ❤️

Layla Heartbreaker

My cis-drag daughter Layla Heartbreaker is the oldest cis-drag queen in Germany and lives high up north near Lübeck. I am very proud to be her mother.

Leon fun Heart

My Dragson Leon fun Heart will be hosting the CSD in Passau (17.06.2023) with me! 

Costume Design


Benny designs outfits tailored to my body! My great fortune is that Benny has his studio in Deggendorf and I can always come to him for fitting - even outside his working hours. That is a great luxury.


Lara is a great costume designer and has founded the "Dragslerei" in Passau. She makes sure that I always look stunning.