Lower Bavaria becomes a little more colorful through my light and - I hope - a bit brighter! 

Every person has their own story. Mine has been anything but ordinary. I have stumbled and fallen down more than once, but my pillars in life are my family, friends and my animals. I am always happy when I can make people laugh. It is important to me that there is way more laughter in the world. Even if they "only" laugh at me, they did laugh - and that's what it's all about: putting a smile on people's faces, because then you get a smile back. 

A drag queen is an artform - nothing more, nothing less. It has nothing to do with a sexual orientation or anything else. There are drag queens, drag kings and drag quings, the latter varying with the genders within their art figure. 

But behind that all is a HUMAN with a heart and feelings. 

There are also straight men who work as drag queens, so-called CIS drag queens, like my daughter Lyla Heartbreaker. 
Cis-women are those whose gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth.

DRAG is simply an art form. This art has been around for a very long time and has its roots in ancient Greece. There were no women allowed to appear at theater performances or so therefore men had to make themselves up as women and as women on stage.  

DRAG is not a crime, but art!

I also do volunteer work and am the 2nd board member of Passau Pride e.V., which we founded in February 2023. 

A few times a year I organize queerclubbing parties in Passau, Deggendorf and FRG. 

On 17.06.2023 I will host the CSD Passau and guide you all day through our colorful program.